Our Response to COVID-19

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQs page for more information on our church's plans for returning to in-person worship.


Our Beliefs


We believe there is but one living and true God, who is one in essence, while eternally existing in three distinct personalities: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe that the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired of God, error-free in the original writings, and the supreme authority of faith and practice for the believer in Jesus Christ.

The Nature of Man

We believe that man was directly created in the image of God to enjoy His fellowship and to fulfill God's will on this earth. Man fell into sin by a voluntary act of personal disobedience to the will of God; consequently all men are spiritually dead and subject to the certainty of both physical and spiritual death apart from Jesus Christ.


Baptism is an essential “first step” for a believer who seeks to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. In taking this step, he reveals that a co-op has taken place in the secret recesses of his soul.


We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins as the only sufficient sacrifice. All who believe in Him are declared justified by the Father on the grounds of Jesus’ death and resurrection. All who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by grace through faith have been regenerated by and baptized in the Holy Spirit. They are thereby the children of God forever and members in the one true church, the Body of Christ.

The Church

We believe that all who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit belong to the one true church and are directed by the Scriptures to associate themselves in local, visible churches. The local church is the only visible representation of Christ's invisible church and consists only of regenerated believers.

The Future

We believe that the next great event of human history will be the personal return of Jesus Christ. This is the BLESSED HOPE, for which all those who love Jesus Christ yearn.